Semi-dust SCR at Mannersdorf

The 1.1Mta Lafarge Mannersdorf works in Austria is the country’s largest cement plant and a pioneer of environmental protection within the European cement industry. As part of these endevours, the world’s first semi-dust SCR (catalytic reduction) system was installed at the plant in spring 2012 by Scheuch of Austria. Over the past three years, the existing system has been gradually optimised and guarantees reliable compliance with NOx and NH3 emissions. By Scheuch, Austria.

Semi-dust SCR

The semi-dust catalytic reduction plant installed by Scheuch at Lafarge Zement’s Mannersdorf cement works

Ever since the planning and construction phases of the Mannersdorf cement plant in the 1970s, there has been a strong focus on energy efficiency. The installation of a special heat exchange tower resulted in a low operating temperature but with the disadvantage of a high dust content of up to 180g/Nm3. These dust values therefore required the installation of a pre-separator before the catalyst to ensure safe operation of the SCR system.

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