How Selective Catalytic Reduction works in a maritime vessel

NOx is reduced using a catalyst together with NOxCare 40 Marine, a high purity urea solution.

  • Exhaust gas passes through the catalyst, where the NOx is converted into harmless nitrogen and water
  • Over 98% NOx reduction can be achieved – ie approaching zero emissions of NOx
  • No increase in fuel consumption or CO2 emissions


NOxCare SCR Marine 

  • is installed between the engine and the funnel (on some engines, typically large 2-stroke engines, it is installed before the turbocharger)
  • varies in size dependent on engine size and NOx reduction requirements
  • can be tailored to match the layout of most engine rooms and casings
  • can replace existing silencers on retrofits with specially designed integrated SCR/Silencer units to accommodate space restrictions
  • requires the vessel to be fitted with tanks for storage of NOxCare 40 Marine urea solution

NOxCare Marine is the only complete product offer which covers all your NOx reduction requirements through global availability of NOxCare SCR, NOxCare 40 urea solution and our global network of NOxCare Marine service engineers.

NOxCare Marine:

  • offers a cost efficient and effective alternative
  • training ensures optimal operation performance
  • on-call experts will keep your system running smoothly
  • results in lower operational costs

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