SCR NOx 분석기 납품실적 (POSCO 및 화력발전소)
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  • SCR, NOx 분석기 납품 : POSCO

SCR NOx 분석기 성능인증서
광성(주)에서는 SCR & SCRUBBER 시스템의 설계, 제조, 시공, A/S 까지 One-Stop 솔루션을 제공합니다.
2011년 6월 MBC 9뉴스에서 폐사 SCR 시스템에 대한 방송.

SCR News


The Rolls-Royce brand MTU and Fairplay Towage are to test an MTU diesel genset with SCR exhaust after treatment in a harbour tug in order to verify compliance with IMO Tier III emission requirements that come ...


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated this summer when the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked a federally crafted plan aimed at reducing haze in Big Bend National Park and other wilderness areas in the state. But the ...